Roca leads a new era of bathroom uniqueness

On June 1st, Roca, a leading European bathroom company unveiled the brand novelties in the 2016 edition of the Kitchen and bath fair in Shanghai. In the exhibition Roca presented 7 different areas including Smart Toilet, Living Stories and new collection “Inspira” Areas. As every year Roca continued to communicate its brand values through European minimalist design coupled with the latest technologies aiming to improve costumer’s bathroom experience.

This year Roca showcased three cutting-edge technologies that will shape the bathroom of the future:

-RIMLESS, an optimization of the design of the toilet which improves the cleanability.

-FINECERAMIC, a new generation ceramic material, light weighted, durable and that allows very slim designs.

-SUPRALIT, a patented phenolic resign highly resistant, antibacterial and four times less porous than conventional seat and covers.

Roca’s has been developing products for most of the past century with inspired designs and its pursuit of excellence. Today Roca’s products are known for their technologies, high quality and design; and the brand has presence in more than 135 countries.

In the exhibition, by means of setting up interactive technology, Roca successfully created an interactive and immersive atmosphere. At the Smart Toilet Area, each product, with double-screen projection in front and back, instantly let the participants experience the European life style. At the Living Stories, you ccould watch VR video made for every personal space by wearing a pair of special glasses and experience the uniqueness of European bathroom spaces by yourself.

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